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First, the 2 in charge of accounting
Job responsibilities
1, the company responsible for the general ledger management and tax and customs.
2, responsible for the company's cost management, risk control and financial management.
Terms of service
1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance, finance, finance and economics, or above;
30, 2 years old and more than two years of financial management experience in large enterprises;
3, familiar with finance, accounting, financial knowledge, familiar with tax laws and regulations and financial internal control system, work flow;
4, with a strong account management, cost management, risk control and financial management capabilities.
Pay salary 3000-8000 yuan / month.
Work place: Lixian County
Two, 6 sales staff
Job responsibilities
1, responsible for regional customer development and customer business contact;
2, responsible for the orders, quotations, contract review, contract signed;
3, responsible for customer maintenance, after-sales service, communication and coordination;
4, responsible for the payment of the loan, the liquidation, the procedures to improve.
5, according to the company's sales mission to work hard and abide by the rules and regulations of the company.
Terms of service
1, college degree or above, marketing and other professional graduates or have more than 2 years of work experience;
2, with strong sales skills and sales experience, marketing experience and channel development experience;
3, with strong communication skills, organizational and coordination ability.
Pay salary 3000 yuan / month +3% business commission.
Work place: Lixian County
Three, foreign trade clerk 10
Job responsibilities
1, with the company's needs, in a timely manner to the translation work;
2, familiar with the product, the product has a master, and can independently analyze the composition and give accurate quotation;
3, familiar with the positioning of the product in the market, to find out the different quotes;
4, independent development of customers, understanding of the process of foreign trade, the product specifications, quality, etc. can give customers a timely response
5, the ability to adjust to changing circumstances, deal with customer questions, and try to place an order;
6, tracking, inspection, tax refund.
Terms of service
1, English, international trade and other professional, English is 4 or more;
2, good spoken English, can communicate with foreign customers without obstacles;
3, proficient in foreign trade process, to be able to master from looking for customers to the final presentation of a whole process of tax rebate;
4, familiar with international trade laws, regulations, conventions and practices, etc..
Pay salary 2500-4000 yuan / month +3% business commission.
Work place: Shijiazhuang, Baoding