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Jiuzhou Rubber assists Moscow Metro project with high-performance steel cord conveyor belt.

Publisher:this site   source:   release time: 2019-04-08 09:24:00

On April 4th, 2019, the tunnel boring machine from CRCHI “Polina” achieved breakthrough at the Miqulin Station in Moscow Third Interchange Circuit. This is the first breakthrough for the five TBMs that CRCHI manufactured for constructing Moscow Metro tunnels.
Under the scientific planning of CRCC Moscow Metro Project Department, “Polina” successfully achieved breakthrough after tunneling over a length of almost 1.5 kilometers (1043 rings).
It is worth mentioning that the TBM is equipped with high performance steel cord conveyor belt designed and developed by Jiuzhou Rubber in accordance with DIN22131-K standard to adapt to the extremely cold climate of -35℃.
Its continuous belt conveyor has a total length of 1460 meters.