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Belt conveyor for conveying the industry to solve problems

Publisher:this site   source:   release time: 2016-06-23 14:04:45
Has been manufacturers headache question in industry and food processing industry, the product of the operation efficiency of circulation, the traditional belt conveyor has been unable to meet the requirements of today's customers, until the line type belt conveyor perfect and came out to fundamentally solves the the problem.

Linear belt conveyor is a modern enterprise food industry commonly used machinery and equipment, with high accuracy of the production of high efficiency, for the major enterprises to bring better economic benefits. Each index of straight line type belt conveyor and you know how much, why companies choose to linear type belt conveyor to do for all kinds of materials, transportation equipment, mainly due to the linear type belt conveyor of the constituent structure and its advantages, the following by Yu Yin Xiao Bian for with your understanding of linear type belt conveyor structure and highlight the advantages.

The universal linear belt conveyor is composed of conveying belt, supporting roller, roller, driving, braking, tension, changing direction, loading, unloading, cleaning and other devices.

1 conveyor belts are commonly used: rubber belt and plastic belt two. The rubber band is suitable for the working environment temperature -15 ~ 40 degrees C. Material temperature is not more than 50 degrees C. To dip on conveying bulk pellets of 12 degrees to 24 degrees. For the large inclination conveyor can be used for rubber belt. Plastic belt with oil, acid, alkali and other advantages, but the poor adaptability to climate, easy to slip and aging. Bandwidth is the main technical parameter of linear belt conveyor.
2 roller sub single roller (tape on the roll of the package angle of 210 degrees to 230 degrees), double drum (package angle of 350 degrees) and multi drum (for high power), etc.. Grooved roller, flat roller, aligning roller, buffer roller. Trough idler (from 2 to 5 roller) supporting bearing branch, used for conveying powder particle material; self-aligning roller is used to adjust the belt lateral position, to avoid deviation; buffer roller arranged in the office, to reduce the materials on the impact of.
3 minute drive roller and roller. Drive roller is the main component of the transmission power. Single drum (adhesive tape on the roll of the package angle of 210 degrees to 230 degrees), double drum (package angle of 350 degrees) and multi drum (for high power), etc..

The tension device is the function of the conveyor belt to achieve the necessary tension, so as not to slip on the drive roller, and the conveyor belt in the deflection between the support in the specified range.

The first is that it runs reliably. In many important production units which need continuous operation, such as the transmission of power plants, the transportation of bulk materials of the iron and steel works and the cement plant, and the ship loading and unloading in the port, the linear belt conveyor is adopted. If the machine is shut down in these places, the loss is huge. When it is necessary, the linear belt conveyor can work continuously in one class.

Linear belt conveyor power consumption is low. Due to the material and the conveyor belt is almost no relative movement, not only the running resistance is small (about for scraper conveyor 1 / 3-1 / 5), and cargo attrition and fragmentation are small, high productivity. These are beneficial to reduce production costs.
Linear belt conveyor transmission line is strong and flexible. Line length is determined according to the need. Short, a few meters long, up to 10km. Can be installed in a small tunnel, can also be erected in the ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas of the sky. According to the requirements of the process flow, the linear belt conveyor can be very flexible from one point or multi-point material. When simultaneously at several points to the conveyor belt material (such as coal bunker conveyor) or along the straight line type belt conveyor length direction at any point by uniform feeding device to transport bring materials, straight line type belt conveyor becomes a major transportation route.

Linear type belt conveyor can materials in coal storage yard heap below the roadway reclaimer, when needed, but also the pile of different materials are mixed. The materials can be simply from the head of the conveyor unloading, but also through the plough type discharge hoppers or mobile tripper car, on the conveyor belt length direction at any point discharge.